Safety, Wellbeing & Inclusion.

  • SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA takes seriously its commitment to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment, free from bullying, discrimination or harassment. We do not tolerate or condone actions of anyone – students, staff or visitors – that constitutes bullying and harassment towards anyone engaging with SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA and its associated activities.
  • Bullying refers to behaviour where any person– student, staff or visitor – directly or indirectly, repeatedly behaves (words or actions) unreasonably towards a person or group of people to cause distress and that behaviour creates a risk to health and safety or hinders that person’s ability to attend a SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA venue or participate in SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA activities.
  • Harassment refers to behaviour when any person – student, staff or visitor – causes another person to feel belittled, intimidated offended, apprehensive or singled out.
  • If a student, staff person or visitor is accused of bullying or harassment, SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA management will investigate the situation and consult with all parties. In the event that the investigation is ongoing but unresolved, it may be deemed necessary to temporarily restrict attendance to a class or SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA venue as a precautionary measure.
  • Any person who is found to have either committed or condoned discrimination, bullying or harassment may be removed permanently or restricted from attending SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA activities or venues.
  • SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude a student from enrolment in classes, or restrict their access to SCREEN ACTORS AUSTRALIA facilities based on behaviour that contravenes any of the terms and conditions of enrolment.
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