Screen Actors

The Bali Actors Retreat

We’re back from an amazing 10 days in Bali – developing our craft, making new friends and relaxing in beautiful Ubud!

Here are some of the things our wonderful group had to say about their experience….

Jo – “Tim Craig is such an experienced trainer. He trained directly with Stella Adler. His knowledge of theory and his technique is second to none. One of the best things I got out of the course was looking at the script and really understanding the beat changes and where in the script there is new information. As an actor you are responsible for conveying that new information to the audience, you’re telling the story to the audience and Tim have us these great tools for understanding and conveying the story.

Hayley -“I found it amazing, I’d never been to Bali and I really loved it. I learnt to be grateful for all the little things we have in life and having the group here as well to experience it with me really meant a lot. I loved it, loved every minute of it.

Felicity – “I feel it’s something really worth doing, I’ve made so many new friends and learnt so much about acting. I did the Stella Adler Intensive earlier this year and I think this really built on that, and it’s something I can really take into my acting in the future.

I love that we did activities that took us into the culture, it’s a big deal for me to try new foods, but I loved the Balinese cooking class we did. The people are the friendliest people I’ve ever met, they’ve always got a smile on their face, the weather has been amazing, the shopping has been great!

Zara – “I’d only done theatre, so doing screen acting was really cool. I found out really quickly what was different and it was really well taught – you got a great overview and then really went into depth in everything. We learnt a lot in five days! …..I made some new friends – two of them are coming to my 21st!…. travel and acting are two passions of mine – so doing the Bali Acting retreat was a no brainer!