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Sign up for the Screen Actors Agency Monday 18th April…book a session now!

Sign up for the Screen Actors Agency Monday 18th April…book a session now!


What does the Screen Actors Agency do? 

The Screen Actors Agency has been helping the actors that train in our studios to get work as an actor  in film, TV and Commercials for the last 15 years. During that time we have had countless people on set in roles ranging from background extras, bit parts, featured roles, supporting roles and main cast roles.

Whats the process of joining the Agency?

You attend a session at the Studio where:

  • your headshot is taken
  • you perform a short monologue
  • your profile is set up on Casting Networks

Once your profile is established we will put you forward for appropriate roles in response to briefs received from Casting Directors, Producers and Directors in the areas of Film, Television, Commercials, Corporate and Educational TV. If you are called in for an audition we will liaise with you and the Casting Director to organise the audition process. If you win the role the Agency will negotiate your contract and organise details of the shoot and take care of invoicing and payment.

What does it cost to be with Screen Actors Agency?

Establishment fee $145 (incl photographic shoot, audition, profile set up)

Monthly membership fee: $20 (this can be paid on an annual basis if preferred)

Commission on Film and Television  work 15%

Commission on Television Commercials, Corporate 20%

Note: A basic profile on Casting Networks is free however Casting Networks does charge if additional photographs or demo video is added.

Will I get work?

No Agency can guarantee you work because Agents are not the final decision makers in the Casting Process. Screen Actors Agency does however actively promote all actors and put them forward for all suitable roles in Film, Television, Commercials, Corporate and Educational TV. We also expect our actors to be active in marketing themselves and to be continually training and developing their skills.

What is my commitment?

We expect all our actors and extras to be punctual and professional. That means being prepared and on time for auditions, acting roles and extra work. There is often very little notice of auditions which generally occur during working / school hours, so it is important that you are flexible and available to make the most of these opportunities.

Is there a contract?

The Agency does not require actors to sign a contract and both the actor and the Agency are free to discontinue the Representation Arrangement at any time.

If you would like to sign up with Screen Actors Agency book your session here.